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So once again I traverse the deep seas of my innate passion that at times submerges itself beneath a calm n naive facade but is raging n thrashing in the realm of my heart !! And so the mystery of Catgirl unfolds once again to all who are still mesmerized by my perseverance and many more who are yet to be in awe of it !! Catgirl working undercover as a teacher N Blogger henceforth pronounces herself a hard-core feminist !!! A girl out to protect the "woman-cause' in the world of self-loving male; A girl who would do anything she is capable of to restore the image of women which has been tarnished, even in the modern society ! Catgirl Strikes again !!! (my logo since 12 years)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

My New Job

hmm.. dunno what to blog about. Just that the main reason i ain't blogging is that i got my dream job as an online content writer. yes online. Truly and Only; working from the comforts of my home, doing my dream job, flexible hours, and getting paid per article- which makes it around my teaching salary. Firstly if salary had mattered to me i wouldn't have gone for teaching after O/A levels and MBA (marketing). and secondly i don't need this job I WANT IT.

After teaching i waited for 3 yrs doing absolutely nothing but enjoying my life by being of service to my family. i don't think i wasted my time. plus my teaching experience gave me a treasure of respectful students who still follow me around and take my advice.Writing is the easiest job for me because of my ingrained passion for it since looong. My blog is a proof of it. need i say more??
P.S. Just wanted to share my li'l pack of happiness!


hijabi hippie hypo said...

aww im glad that you've got your dream job! all bloggers love writing :D ive recently joined the university newspaper and love it, even though im not getting paid x

CATGIRL !! said...

HHH.. i also worked for my uni newspaper n never expected to be got paid because it felt grreatt to wave it in my RESUME when applying for job !! thank u soo much.... :-))

MuslimFirst said...

As salaaaaaaaaaaaaaamu alaikum dear sister!

Wow, mubarak ho!!! I didn't know you were a teacher before (well, I am a late addition to the "Emotional" craziness that is your life!) :-P

That's so great dear!

Wow, your students still follow you around - so you don't mind have stalkers, then? hehe.

In all seriousness, very cool ma'sha'allah.

Jazak'Allahu Khairan for sharing your li'l packet of happiness. Lots of love and du'a for your continued success.

PS Did you know one of my first Hollywood "loves" was Michelle Pfeiffer? :-) Random fact for ya!

Blue Pearl said...

Mabrook/Congratulations and it definitely is a great job to have being at home and getting paid. how cool. So happy for you dear darling *hugs*

Tauqeer said...

MashAllah good news. Mabrook and best of luck!

Blue Pearl said...

Dear Darling, عيدكم مبارك
Miss your posts!
Lots of love:)

Jack said...



Read current posts. Congratulations on getting job to your heart. We should never forget basics of our culture. However some changes for betterment of persons are also needed as time goes on. Aping of others just because that seems to be an INTHING is not at all advised.

Take care

Jibran Awan said...

seee how blogging has worked 4 u :).. thanx to Mr Jibz ... rite ?? :P

CATGIRL !! said...

haan haan bhii thanks Jibran..n did u chk out my ads..kitnay lush hai na??

CATGIRL !! said...

Blue Pearl i miss my post and our interaction tooo :-(((
will take some time out to write a proper post or at least my updates.

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