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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

THAT SHIP!! (part # 5)- last

In the beginning everyone may favour and sympathize with you (esp. if they belong to the same sex). You may feel getting into self-pity, picturing yourself as the victim of selfless giving in your relationship. But, soon as you probe into the lives of your friends, relatives etc you realize that you are not alone. In fact those happy faces giving you ‘kind advice’ against continuing this relationship have their own set of dirty laundry hidden in the closet.

Slowly the negative points you gave to your partner go back to a naught (zero). As you actually compare your partner with other men/women you start handing out positive points on how good your girl/guy had been to you. How they negated their personal values to please you only to see their efforts being ignored by you. You suddenly realize how they changed for you. How innocent their demands were and just a little effort on your part could have added another spark in your relationship igniting it all over again

Hence with this new found realization the 2 souls finally search for each other on the desert island where their ship was anchored. It takes a while to rediscover each other. There is some hesitation, apprehension and even excitement over the better avenues the 2 can reach now. One soul moves towards the other-slow yet determined steps that vow to bury the hatchet in the sands of this island never to be uncovered. Together they board the ship once again, hand in hand standing near the railing, absorbing the dewy sea breeze on their faces while seeing the sun set in to give way to a beautiful night ahead.

                                                     ...............THE END................


CATGIRL said...


Glimpse said...

Well what I believe we spend life in different phases, each phase has its own different taste and own charm. The problem is that we aren’t able to develop the understanding of the flow of life, like the normal flow of human from a kid, to men and then an old person, we get mature level by level and it has no limits no matter how old a person would be. The way we get aged, our likeness, dislike and focus also changes in a much similar way & with the passage of time we develop different understandings, the only thing which has high probability of remaining same are our expectations, Infact in some occasions these expectations get severe without realizing the difference of time and resources. Life before marriage has its unique charm because at that time the two persons were not united physically and aren’t fully aware of the issues in the real life, before marriage their only focus were their mental compatibility, mental compatibility after tying the knot not necessarily will remain same because before that they were free from any visible stress, worries and any hard-ship. This is the point where many relations get failed, ideal time to check whether the other person is of your wished caliber or not is the time when the relation is subjected to stress , burden and some failures, because this is all which being a partner you are going to face in the near future. Now it is not necessary that you will become extra cautious and will start rejecting people using this point as a base, but the main thing which one should realize either you are a man or women is, issues related to you or your partner will not hold same intensity & nature after marriage as there must be some difference between the two times. The charm you had, when you were building the basis of your relation is justified and suits to the pair as well with respect to that moment, but one should change the approach after that, if not practically then prepare yourself mentally for some inevitable circumstances. So the root of the problem is ultimately found in societal values (through media and school indoctrination) and unrealistic expectations (media fairy tales, wedding magazines, television).

Some of the points you have mentioned are very true especially the cause of misunderstanding between the two people, though both of them are loyal and wants to give their partner the best of the available opportunity, but their understanding doesn’t allow them to do so. Compromise is ultimately one of the biggest weapons a person has and let me clear you the major flaw in the approach of the people where they assume compromise as a sacrifice for others sake, rather than it is a sacrifice for your own sake, and for your better future. Unless a person do respect of others wish how could (s)he demand the same from his/her partner.

One must also admit that there is a certain limit of avoiding different unfavorable circumstance, compromising doesn’t mean to involve yourself in making a bomb of self-explosion, which could blow up at any moment , but it is to tolerate on such matters which aren’t going to violate your self-respect. In best practice it is a two ways process, as you mentioned give and take without being selfish.

Rediscovery is difficult but it gives firm strength to your relation!

Over all it’s a nice piece of writing! Good work.


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