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So once again I traverse the deep seas of my innate passion that at times submerges itself beneath a calm n naive facade but is raging n thrashing in the realm of my heart !! And so the mystery of Catgirl unfolds once again to all who are still mesmerized by my perseverance and many more who are yet to be in awe of it !! Catgirl working undercover as a teacher N Blogger henceforth pronounces herself a hard-core feminist !!! A girl out to protect the "woman-cause' in the world of self-loving male; A girl who would do anything she is capable of to restore the image of women which has been tarnished, even in the modern society ! Catgirl Strikes again !!! (my logo since 12 years)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Compromise to RISE !! (part 1)

I may not be that good at judging people, but there are certain things that have always intrigued me. Analyzing the behavior of people, going deep down to the core of their mindset; relating their past, way of upbringing, lifestyle, education, family background etc to what makes them today has always been my mental hobby!

I was not born this way. Behavioral psychology has never been my skill or ability or passion, but as I grew up I witnessed recessive relationships among friends and family alike. Many hurdles came across me in dealing with people and more often than not, after seeing some real painful falls in relationships around me, I finally realized that everyone is not what he or she seems! Not everyone is totally good or totally bad either. Circumstances, events and many external factors beyond our control make us what we are and how we act to certain situations.

Women often wonder why a wonderful relationship that sailed smoothly through all adversities, suddenly took a backseat after a seemingly normal situation. What went wrong? They, in particular, fear the ‘silent treatment’ that the male breeds so often lends to their partners. Being the emotional symbol they are known for, women begin to have real troublesome thoughts that hound them day and night. Triggered by these demons they become so insecure that they want to hold on to their man tightly, suffocating and annoying them even more.

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