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Monday, April 12, 2010

Compromise to RISE !! (part 2)

According to Dr. John Gray, author of ‘Men are from Mars…”, at these times in a relationship men need to be left alone and women need to put their insecurity as well as their self created guilty-feeling(did I do something wrong?) on hold! Period. Pestering and insisting that he talks and shares won’t play Viola to his state, but instead will hamper his ability to think and consequently even prolong his silent period.

It pays to understand that mood is just a part of a woman’s being; just a time of the day. She may be lazy in the morning, happy while talking to a friend on phone, tearful over a social ill, excited about her children’s progress all in an hour. Every hour after that she may be taken over by a new mood. Women have this God-gifted ability to adjust, adapt and mould-something she realizes she needs to survive in this society full of predators that hunt on her blissful life from all around.

At times men take this adjustment to the vagaries of life as just another ‘acting skill’ of women. It becomes hard for them to understand that she is still worried in her heart over the low pay scale he is being offered, but she is happy that he finally got the job he yearned for. When a relationship is on the rocks and even when its broken, men often think that the girls seems calm to the world, so maybe she was just having a good past time. But, infact she does this only NOT to hurt the people close to her, not to bother her family and friends with her relationship troubles.

That’s what a woman’s mood is all about. On the other hand, mood for a man is equal to his ego. He wears it like his favorite jeans which may mean a period of more than a week at times


CATGIRL said...

may i know who disagreed with me here?? and why? i think it must be a man !

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful blog about people's relationships within a society.

And I am a man agreeing it!!!

CATGIRL said...

Only one man can agree with it ! Thank you Hood !

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