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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

$$$ Money For Thought $$$

So here’s definitely a pun intended at the clichéd “food for thought”. As life progresses at a fast pace, we are constantly looking for a change- a change for the better; the best. Few of us like to tag along with the present situation and indeed a very few turn around to see the past beckoning at them.One wonders what this ‘life in the fast lane’ is all about? Starting from a rather humanly natural need of earning pennies to buy bread in the evening or to save for the rainy days, it’s become a rat-race to the top of social hierarchy. To earn as much as possible, to accumulate, by hook or by crook-any possible means available – that’s the order of the day.

Why is money running our lives- be it green or red- like a hard task master? To what end does a man or woman spend his 8+ hours at work sometimes doing overtime and mostly called on holidays to finish up some deadline? What exactly do we want? No one ever sits back to note down the priorities of life that take a back seat in the heavy bargain that is driven to attain the luxuries of life. Elaborating on the subject of luxuries if one has the newest car for his family’s comfort as a status symbol, how many hours each day does he spend in it traveling with his family? 3-4 in a week? Sometimes weekends are so hectic to drive you would rather spend it at home than trying to jostle up in the heavy traffic jam. That is also an end-product of  2 cars per family in the metropolitan.
The husband, the wife and the children have memberships of gyms and clubs and they go their at separate timings. Consequently the children have a  more outgoing and broad-minded lifestyle than the parents(family) which gives way to an ever-widening generation/communication gap . They turn to their parents for money and turn away rather defiantly if they get advice in return. They refuse to go to their relatives, attend family functions etc because all they recall their relatives with is ‘dotty aunt Zubaida’, ‘pestering cousin Saad, and the ‘boring uncle Hamid’. The couple themselves, woven into the wedlock after a love affair, see the moments of affection flying out the window as quickly as they get ready for breakfast each morning before going to their respective jobs. They have their own social circle, friends and weekend priorities ranging from an annual dinner to a colleague’s engagement ceremony. They still sleep in the same bed (probably at different times), but hardly get the time to sit together for a candle-lit dinner, watch a film snuggled in blanket on a cold night, go for a walk down the beach with a cool breeze blowing through the hairs and all the other joys life has to offer without a cent spent. But, alas they don’t get the time for it in their full-luxury accommodation with the newest gadgets to embellish their status with. They still have a hope chest filled to the brim, but it’s never opened to let a romantic dream or two see the daylight.
While far away from all this hustle bustle of life was a couple who just went on top of their single-storey cemented house to enjoy a heavenly summer downpour, with their 6 kids playing in the streets. Oblivious to the prying eyes of the neighbors they hugged each other in an eternal embrace. And in those few moments they lived another life, another lifetime…away from all the troubles that any financial insecurity threw their way. Guess they really ‘saved the best for the rainy day’- saved their joys, their romance, their love, the passion in their souls…
The elites of the city were ready to bid the highest to buy this intangible luxuries of life that they could only dream of! To sum up this whole article I would quote this beautiful sms a student of mine sent me.

‘Someone once asked an angel, “What surprises you most about mankind??”.
The angel replied “Those who lose their health to make money and then lose their money to restore their health. By thinking anxiously about the future they forget the present. Such that they neither live for the present nor for the future.”
Its time to rethink our priorities in life’!!


Tauqeer said...

I like the theme of your blog, relations stuff, hope to read some interesting posts in here.

Happy blogging :)

Muhammad said...

Really nice....a very in-depth analysis of whats going on in our society these days with a slight touch of humor...
Keep it rolling.

CATGIRL said...

Thanx Tauqeer!

and Bilal ...thanx for reading it and appreciating...it gives me courage o write more!!

Anonymous said...

i know that i am putting this on every blog, but yes it is important, i need your prayers just once :P
so read this and also tell about the template http://tiny.cc/ctngs

and do follow me, so that we share some ideas when i come back :P

ahmad said...

I think i will disagree with your point of view. It is easy to comment when one is outside the bubble of problem. When the most "poor" person one has met is the "kaam wali maasi" in one's home.

Most of the PK/India/Bangla labor i have seen outside working hard are those who worked hard in their countries' factories (factory labor, taxi drivers, truck drivers, mason etc). There may be exceptions, but most of the PK skilled labor i have met just wanted to come outside because it pays better outside (due to exchange difference) for same amount of "khoti work" they used to do in PK. Not that they wanted to turn their "couch potato" life style into worthy work machine.

I think to pontificate on such issues, where PK men like to work as a horse to get money, you need to dig a bit deeper. Like the labor laws in PK, minimum wage, inflation, social stigmas with non working men, rate of un-employment etc.

I am sorry to say that i disagree with your analysis (if we agree to call it analysis). I hope you wont take this disagreement as a sign of disliking (for most ppl in PK disagreement = hate).

But i must commend your style of writing, vocabulary, choice of appealing cliche' (saas bahu one was interesting to read)

CATGIRL said...

THank u sooo much for writing and commenting in detailed. you decided to disagree wid me on MY OWN BLOG AND POST?? REALLY??

yess u r right about working laws, labour laws etc here... this article was actually mostlya bout the BOURGEOISIE who ALREADY have money ..and the PAPPU GUY-PART was just DIGRESSION from the topic to an issue which is close to my heart (wedding for visa purpose, that is).
Wish u had left an email or subscribed here to hit me back.... otherwise, next time do gimme ur email..
and DO FOLLOW MY BLOG. i need to send u some other pieces !! :-)))

Zee said...

I have been writing for a long time but never got public, nor followed any blogs. Your's is the first one i'm following and i like it. *thumbs up*

and yes..not looking for any nosy friendships either;) just appreciate good work. keep it up

Id it is said...

An interesting perspective on Pakistan's diaspora, but I'd be curious to know if those you describe as Pakistani's living abroad happen to live in a specific country...

I have to admit, that the few Pakistani immigrants I know in my part of the world, do not fit the mold you cite...but then they may perhaps be the exceptions : )

Thanks for stopping by.

ahmed said...

Dear blogger (catgirl),
Thank you for not thinking that I disagreed because i disliked you blog. I hope such sense prevails in PK general intelligentsia someday sooner. We need to learn to appreciate the difference of opinion & celebrate diversity rather than taking it as a sign of distrust or animosity.

On the lighter side of the matter at hand, yes you are right me being an average, typical, insecure PK XY chromosome specie, it takes a mammoth courage (and stupidity at my end) to be at odds with XX chromosome PK lady :D

Don't worry at all about "following". You have thoroughly impressed me (to be honest i picked a nice vocabulary, or two from your blogs). I will be receiving everything that you publish here in my reader. Which means i will be reading that and might drop a comment.

PS: About email, my apologies, but my CS major has taught me better about spammers than to drop my email at public open section. (again i hope you will understand ^.^)

cheers & regards

Anonymous said...

i CHANGED the template again :D

Muhammad said...

how true....we've forgotten our today in search of a better future.Who knows we might not even live until tomorrow ?

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