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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Checking horizontal pic alignment

How to do it >>>>>>>>>>>

  1. First of all go to settings>formatting>enable float alignment>YES
  2.  make sure your pics are of same width(if you want to have multiples). You may have variable widths/heights but that way fewer pic will come here. 
  3. Choose the smallest size if they are not of same size
  4. On your upload image options. Press and hold control key to select multiple images (You must hav FLASH installed to do this).
  5.  When all images appear here they will be in centre and on top of each other.
  6. LEFT-Click on each one and choose the size as small (if you want more pics) and alignment as LEFT.
  7. All of them will align to left (vertically). Now drag and drop EACH ONE on the left side of top pic one by one. If you miss the drop try again till they all arrange themselves like above.
  8.  you must widen your post width (through body layout>adjust width section) to align more images !
Any queries?        


Blue Pearl said...

Thanks, I always end up having issues with pics in my posts. How is your ramadan going? Any progress
with pakistan floods?

Bea said...

LOL testing testing..

CATGIRL !! said...

Blue pearl . ya Ramadan is fine as weather is very nice and breezy though fast is 14 plus hrs long!!
BEA: yup . am working on the google help forum voluntarily and thought of sorting out a frequently asked query!!

Nostalgic said...

Hey, i needed that! :) Nice post.
First time on your blog, following you.

クラウディオ said...

Great but still very much above my ability.

Johny said...

catgirl is doing all these directly.. i don't know the simple ways of solving my problems.. i directly jump to the HTML if something happens wrong.. :p

Happy Birthday girl :)

CATGIRL !! said...

Thanx Johnny.. yep..am an illiterate to HTML. and secondly i wanna help people like me ..hehehe!

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