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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Really pissed off !@!!

Never wrote a blog entry directly but just now i m brooding and tormenting myself real bad over the behavior of friends. Y do these girl-friends act so bad or say such stupid things when they meet after a long time. i mean i just uploaded Fb pics and did some - quickie- adobe fixes which i just learnt 6 days ago n all they can do is criticize on how well my photo ARE NOT! When i took my anger out they were like "...Oh we did like it that u met other old friends in photos". Although there was no comment of praise as such so after replying to them n getting some stupid irritating answers in return i finally told them --"well then kindly 'APPRECIATE' the best part in someone's pics and keep ur expert opinion till later". It's been 6 months since i uploaded any new pics and the thing doesn't end here. i am a stay-at-home girl n my mates r all office women. they hav all kind of probs with my CASUAL status at home n feel i m just sitting on the couch watching TV or wasting my life waiting for Prince charming...DUH!
Women who sit at home do all the chores themselves each day which working women leave for either paid-maids or the weekends. Even the grocery is being searched at bargain prices rather than shopping from a high-end super mart. Plus it's not them who lead a hi-fi social life.. its US the women at home who live the life of  a princess- free to wake up and do work whenever they want, not bound by office rules n regulations every second , not having to work with prying male eyes around ( those who appreciate u on ur face and treat u as a discussable coffee table item- just scold them once and step on their male ego n u will see!!).

Then there's another girl who has problem with my teaching that y did i chose this after MBA(mktg.)? thinking i again wasted my talents on educating people.She even had the guts to say one day after being Treated by me at a posh area cafe "Next time i will treat u in THAT (big) hotel. U can just afford a cafe wid ur teacher's income"And she said this while sitting in my CAR after having lunch wid my bills!! GOD!
AlhumduLILLAH i hav a good family, car , property and i don't need to work so y shud i? Islam asked us to gain knowledge not to go out and use it too- unless necessity strikes.
SO for the first time on my blog i speak against- out n out against GIRLS. At least that wud remove much venom from those who say i m prejudiced towards boys!


MuslimFirst said...

Aww, sorry to hear this dear! Don't know why people bother if they don't have anything good to say . . .

As far as your lifestyle - that is your choice and hey, you are not hurting anyone (many in the course of their work, do just that) and as long as you are happy with that, at peace with yourself, it's all good.

In whatever position in life you may be in, May Allah (swt) Bless you, Keep you Safe, Healthy and Strong, both in heart, soul, body and mind. Ameen!

- A guy! ;-) Sirf guy nahin, magar aapke boht special aur pyare Bhaya! :-)

Zee said...

i second the thought. totally.

Shaan said...

Cool down Teacher ..
For the 1st tyme it Looks as if someone needs to pacify you ..

See The same happens with boys as well .. I'm the living example of it!
But yea the base of criticism changes with the change in gender ..

But You know what these chronicles or more accurately the breeze of ciricism is made just to provoke the other person and i can see the success ...
You wrote a blog on it A Particular blog though condemning the words but still giving an importance to them ..
As it goes that Silence is the best revenge ..
All i want to say is take things easy and dont let them get heavier over you .. simply smile and ignore ..You'r the best at something and nobody's like you ..think like that ..And yea drink Alotta water now :P -you'll feel better !

Syeda Zehra said...

LOl,first of all where were you all these days..?
You had your last post ages ago..
About this post,I must say been a office/working women ain't bad if you don't change urself,I mean you don't get as 'mean' as men are who go to work.
You may work if you please but please don't act like men..:)

CATGIRL !! said...

MF: Yaar i know ur my bhai n will alwayys remains, but being bhai gives u a li'l positive edge over others n i dun want US to be prejudice. Ur precious comments will alwayyys remain so widout any linnk b'w us....GUYYY!! :DDDD
Zee: Thanks hun !!

Shaan: i had been practicing this silent venom-gulping since a DECADE. yes. they r my decade old friends and past 6 yrs they had been on work while i am not!- except for my teaching times !! and also they r NOt on this blog anywhere so for them i may just be silent.
though right after writing this blog i went back to FB and told her to 'appreciate ' me and learn some manners to which she was first angry n then gave in.

Zehra : i havv nooo alliance wid either working or home-making women.but neither of them shud try to put their expertise on the opposite ones .

n i totally agree on the 'acting like men' thingiee! UFFF!

Blue Pearl said...

Just brush it off darling with a smile and patience. Its not worth it! Hugs and love.

Daanish said...

the best part even in your situation is your ability to analyze and even write a post.This is a very healthy way :)

CATGIRL !! said...

THanx BP!!

MuslimFirst said...

Sorry cat girl, yes you can publish the most recent comment and just reply on your blog. Sorry, I can just be an idiot sometimes . . . I just don't want my real name floating on the net that is all, at least as far as I can avoid it. Only a few people in the family know about my blog, so therefore just trying to keep it on the hush-hush, hehe. Yes you can publish this one too! :-)

Again, sorry for confusion.

Alpha Za said...

haha, you're going to give yourself a brain burn. Relax.

I personally think that those muslims that have gained knowledge are obligated to help others, however that is a personal philosophy.

Maybe you need new, more appreciative friends?

ani_aset said...

aww thats sad..friends are not supposed to say such things

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