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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Enlightened City (Part#1)

The music was blaring at full volume in the car that whizzed in zig-zag fashion on a busy street at top speed driven by an underage guy.Was it a racing competition?? No !
Was it some legalized racing track??A sports rally? A festival??
Ah well!No again .So what was it???!!
The car screeched to a halt in front of a hut along seaside. The hut itself was rocking in the truest sense of the word. Its walls echoing with the sound of loud music, complemented by the thumping of boots and tapping of heels dancing to the latest beat. The boy climbed out of the door. Next to the driving seat, the door opened and came out a slinky pair of legs in stylish black capris (half-pants) with a black, body-hugging, halter-neck top to complete the look.They both moved on to the front door. A dark burly man was standing outside.They asked permission, “May we?”.
He looked at them from top to bottom and asked,“What gem are you looking for??”
“Red ruby!”, came the boy’s reply.
The code was confirmed. The door opened. The scene changed to a complete westernised atmosphere, with disco lights, over-dressed (and mostly under-dressed) dancing couples, with a counter on one side serving the best brands of champagne ; but alas nothing too shocking even if this was happening in an Islamic country!!!
The couple moved on confidently. Soon they found their friends who took them to a stair-case that led to an underground room lit with red light. On a low table was some whitish salt-like substance and people were sniffing it - going ecstatic. The couple went over, paid some money and sniffed the same. Within seconds they were shaking their heads and in that state of daze they moved out of the room and joined the crowd. The party was in full swing now. Both of them danced like mad and when they were exhausted they went up to a private room to reach another moment of climax of their intimacy.That was routine with all the couples.
But this is not America. This is an Islamic country. A City where Azaan echoes 5 times a day from all around you. Where your western youngsters don’t ask you at that moment hey hear Azaan “ Mom! What’s that sound ??”


Bea said...

Thats soo true.. i agree.. no mater what we are what we do we should never forget our roots..

Alpha Za said...


I guess we all live the way we choose to.

Tauqeer said...

I don't know why it feels like if I have read this post earlier somewhere, but nevertheless these sort of things are such a shame for our society.

CATGIRL !! said...

Thanx BEA

Alpha: u mean to see we should be free to do all this?

TAuqeer: u read it right here at my blog. i just published it again :PPPp

Tauqeer said...


Falaxy said...

oh my, sad!

ani_aset said...

oh nice insight

Kaibee said...

OMG! I ahve blogged about westernization of Pakistan too. Those bloody youngsters, they think out country needs and 'uplift' a way out of the 'primitive' ways. Well, they have no idea what they are doing. It's just another example of immaturity and meatheaded-ness!

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