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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Dungeon ....

I had always believed that love can make any relationship succeed. But as I moved forward, I realized that in real world –the world of so-called Mature people, fake people, heartless beasts, if u find a person who gives u RESPECT more than LOVE then u should do anything to get him/her.

For me Love is the foundation stone of good relationships, CARE and TRUST are the building blocks , but RESPECT is the cement that binds. When you achieve your Love, when your Trust n Care brings  that Special Someone in your arms, you feel you don’t need to put in any more efforts. You feel you OWN that person. You feel you n SHE is one. and You forget that RESPECT is still left ...to let the relation-SHIP float...

BUT you don’t realize that how a single word, a single Comparison with Insult can put a solid mark on her heart…. Your soul may be ONE, your hearts may beat together, but she has a MIND of her own.
You don’t realize how she hangs on to your every promise, every word. You may not feel deserving to be her Soulmate but to the world she shows you with Pride that YOU are the King of her Heart -The King who gives love, trust and respect.
She never lets you know your shortcomings, she covers up all ur blunders. She accepts you as it is- heart, body and mind. She doesn’t rub your faults in your face. She lets you know and BLINDLY believes that no one that ever came before is anywhere near your Throne that takes over her whole HEART.

And then one day you go up so high in the ecstasy of her Strength, Support n Trust that when she becomes possessive and just has a li'l demand, you say something so LOW that it throws her into the dungeon of hopelessness- lets her FEEL she was just a slave in your kingdom, bound into the shackles of her own Beliefs that you won’t let her down ever……..


Aneebaba said...

Allahu Akbar! Beautiful! I SO agree with you Sis!

If you can respect your partner, love will surely follow - and not this love which today's youngsters think they feel or have. This might sound strange, but I feel that one can love a person, just as a human being or just out of the mercy that we are taught to have in Islam, but respect is missing. Maybe that is non-sense or just that I'm confused. I myself have a soft heart and try to see good in everyone, though I am not afraid of pointing out something wrong in that person I care about (this is of course seaparte from the love between spouses - as I haven't experienced that myself).

Getting back to your point though, I think if I can respect a girl and enter into that relationship of marriage - love will come and it will much stronger, more pure than what it seems what so many are after, only to discover later than what they have is clearly not love of the highest kind, which they may have been seeking.

I see this in front of my eyes with young Muslims, who as you know, engaging in relationships they think will last, but alas, end in train wrecks and even prior, clearly not only was there no respect (esp from the guy's side), but lack of self-respect from the girl's side.

Anyways, hope that makes sense.

Again, awesome, wonderfully put!

Much respect! :-)

Blue Pearl said...

you really are a good story teller:)

CATGIRL !! said...

@Pearl : Thank u yaar !

@Aneebaba: Wowww... u really won my heart wid ur generous praise...i agree wid u just like u agree wid me..n NO u r not confused ..RESPECT is most certainly missing from our lives esp when ppl. take each other for granted in marital relationships,...
how r ur studies coming along? when will u be a doc?

Aneebaba said...

Insha'allah, by the end of June, or at the very latest, September, school will be done.

raw said...

Well portrayed. luved it,(again:)!

Aneebaba said...

Just an update - it is definitely going to be September at the earliest, been having some tough times, but passed an exam today alhamdulillah - OB/GYN - you know, female diseases and pregnancy - my Abba's job when he was alive - I love babies, just not this part of it :-).

Take care behnu.

Allah Hafiz for now

CATGIRL !! said...

Thanks Raw... ur soo sweeeet :-)

oh A.B u will be in Karachi, Pk n i wud never get to see u ...aah..how fate is..but i wish u luck....n will u be getting married in sept too??

Aneebaba said...

Salaams - sorry for late reply, didn't subscribe, lol.

Oh no shaadi will NOT happen that soon. Girl is supposed to come from Karachi to States, but she's waiting for visa, from what my Baji told me. I passed antoher exam since my last note, so 3 more to go, 2 in JUne and then one in September.

As for being in Karachi, I guess if it does work out (we are going to talk, so if we don't like each other then, bye bye and we move on), then the shaadi would be in Karachi and then yeah, fate would probably not let us meet - unless you know my family somehow, lol, wouldn't that be cool?

Anyways, need to read your new post still.

Hope things are ok there, heard it was tense on Monday after the news. Crazy times there, hai na? My Baji feels like Pak has changed too much, doesn't really care for it as much, but having her life there, with her kids, she does have to have some feeling, but I must say, I wouldn't want to live in the current state of things. Stupid Zardari . . sorry, I know this is about relationships and not politics. Stay safe dear sister.

CATGIRL !! said...

ahan..so u r ACTUALLy going to talk to ur fiance..wowww!! n it was just a pleasantry that i mentioned us meeting ..nothign more...
n oh yeah i hope it dus work out. keep me posted...n yeah u can rant against P K id un mind...hehehhe

Aneebaba said...

Salaams Sis - Yaara, she's not fiance! It's just a rishta and yes, we will talk in a halal atmosphere, none of this, being alone in the same room, etc.

I know many families get the kids engaged and then tell them to talk, but what's the point?? It's not liek they will accept their kids breaking it off.

The Pakistani girl in my class, her sister went through that, only got to see the guy when they went back to Pakistan (they are from Norway) and then after the engagement, they talked, etc.

My family in India, they only meet once and then agree and don't talk. That's fine and I've asked them about how they felt and they are ok with it, as they trust their parents and realize the guy is good, can provide, etc.

While both sides think we would be a good match, it will still be up to us to see if we are in fact compatible, so how can we do that without talking? I would never do such a think if it wasn't possible to do under appropriate circumstances and I don't think either of our families would just agree based on good thoughts about the other families child. That is where many marriages go wrong, the kids might be good, but it doesn't mean they will be compatible.

Yes, I know what you meant in meeting, it would be lovely I'm sure. It is always nice to meet our fellow Muslims and those that we connect with online or otherwise.

Be well sis.

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