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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Man n Mood !

When men are in their notorious ‘mood’ it’s BEST not to attach any connotations to it. It’s just their self-imposed exile so they can work things out, a period of digging-in-their heels and not leaving the ground till they know which direction they should head towards to conquer the next forte. Some men do chill out or unwind through sports, playing themselves or watching a game. A third, rather despicable way might be to just go ahead and get drunk and have a one night stand, though that is most likely to be when they r in a good mood not a retreating one!

Women like to share when they are upset, sad and lonely. While men do EXACTLY the opposite. They just don’t want to share let alone with a woman who is his special someone. Reason is simple. They want to project a Herculean image of themselves in front of their Lady Love. No matter how strong they are from outside, or even emotionally, they are terrified of voicing out their worries since from childhood they were programmed to ‘be a Man’  and ‘boys don’t cry’. They want to be the ultimate provider, self-assured; a mentally, financially and physically stable symbol of dependence that a woman can ever have. At the same time most men these days detest women depending wholly and solely on them. Well, let’s face it- you woman. You do want your best female friend to share with u her every worry but would u like her to be dependent on you for all her needs? NAH! U wud run if not miles away from such an insecure woman who’s crying every time of her lost love, her overweight problems or her kids.

Similarly, women who cry at the drop of a handkerchief and expect the hanky to be picked up by their partner for their eyes to be wiped off are terribly mistaken. Men like to provide but they don’t like nurse you unlike women who like to nurture and mother their partner. Men are always more attracted to self-assured, confident (but not proud), easy going and intelligent women. Ofcourse I cry, sometimes even JUST to feel there is someone out there to dry off my tears, but it’s better not to take it to heights. Even you wouldn't enjoy your tears if they r no longer ‘precious’ to someone.


Muhammad Wasif Javed said...

Interesting take :) Liked it!

Muhammad said...

well a bit one-sided post ! The point is men don't share everything with women not to protect their image but rather they know that whatever they're going to say in a state of stress and anxiety will come back later only to haunt them ! As they say women can't keep a secret in their stomachs (especially when its something about someone else)

Kim, USA said...

Very interesting and it's really true. Thanks for visiting my blog I do appreciate it a lot. I am a new follower too. ^_^

I'm Farsilla said...

actually i agree with u! i cry a lot to b honest, n for H if he feels to share with he will, but when im sad he will try to b there for me. well different men hve different ways to handle problems ;)


Zahra said...

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I love your writing skills, maybe u could check out a little something I wrote if you have time here's the link:

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YazmiinAktar said...

hello thank you for commenting on my blog x

follow me? :D


Zahra said...

HEY :) thanks for the comment on my blog but u sed tht you're gonna subscribe to it and you never did :( hehe perhaps it was a mistake, I just wanted to remind you. Thanks xoxoxo
Professor zaz

Sadiya Merchant said...

wel honestly dont have must application avenues for it but good read :-)

Irfana said...

hey thanks for the comment, you can follow me too, i write on a range of topics, looking forward to reading yours.

R Zaib said...

Good thoughts and a good post. Keep up the good work.

PS. My blog's url changed. You won't be able to see my posts unless it's updated.
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Cha said...

Fantastic post :) Loving your blog!

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