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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Do u think he will change?

I m so sorry for not posting often. Even my b.day post was so half-hearted i realized long after it that i hadn't written ANYTHING in the post body -just the title! (i was online from mob at dat time). My dear friend jack just asked if i have gone MIA ..n seriously i felt great dat ppl. genuinely miss me here. So here's another one - sticking to my original blog topic of relationships. !!

After behavioral tendencies and ego another factor is CHANGE! If you as a woman don’t like shocks and can really take your lover as he is then it can be heavenly. He smokes, he utters abuses, his grammar is weak, he is too much into sports, he loves his best friend, he doesn’t change clothes too often, he wastes money, WHATEVER it is –and I do mean “whatever”, don’t try to change it. In case he has already  tried to change DON'T think it will last forever i.e. don’t take it for granted.

Tell me did u change for him? Will u leave your best friend forever? Just wait for the first fight with him and u will go running to the phone to call your best gal !! Will u stop listening to old sad songs, or watch romantic movies? Would u stop wearing high heels and that gaudy jewelry or those sexy clothes that make u look attractive? Did I hear a NO?? Well then y should he change? Even if u do give up one of your patterns u would feel PUSHED. You wouldn’t feel like yourself anymore, but an object that has been programmed and this would give way to resentment slowly. It’s still easy for a woman to adjust and adapt- we are born this way- but for men it’s just a frenzy of your attraction which commands him to change. As soon as he has YOU for good he would change back or otherwise lie to u about not sneak-peaking into his bad habits- which includes making online girlfriends and watching porn!

My advice is don't try to change him unless he has a habit which is actually dangerous for him or for you. Infact, thinking of that it would be truly unwise to befriend a man who inclines towards harmful tendencies.
And then there is the everlasting polar opposite problem with forming relationships. Women insist on forming relationships while men just want to keep it casual. For me it’s enuff to close my eyes and ears and think that we both are gender-OPPOSITES. Period!


Muhammad Israr said...

welcome back after so long... :)
yes your advice is very realistic and practical and most of the relationships are broken because we want to change each other for no reason... :)

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

No this is not right because it depend on human and every one varies from one and other .

Nice post by the way.

Follow each other .

Mishi said...

Welcome back Girl:-*
hope you are doing good...I was just about to send you a msg on fb..you were Lost na!

and for this post..yes I agree..its a simple truth about men..and we women should digest it.. the sooner the better!

Niya said...

I am of the same opinion. i like to take him for wat he is. maybe that is why in spite of all this problems and differences , we still choose to hang onto each other :)

Shruti said...

Men don't like to be changed, period. If you've fallen for him already then why would you want to change! I ask this question to myself sometimes.. I agree with whatever you said.
Yes, please post often. I don't come across many who write about emotions and relationships.. so I missed you :)

fatima said...

i think if men cant change themselves then they should not expect from the women aswell-
but women are thought to be adjustable n all that- which is wrong its only out ov love that women change then men should also show the love they proclaim

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Welcome back!
It's great to read one of your wonderful posts once again.

I agree with you. But still both, the man and the woman should & can change themselves if not much but a little to make each other comfortable.

Nice post.

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

I'll post the pictures of the Meet-up as soon as Moonie sends them to me.

For now, you can watch some of them there, at Moonie's blog


Oz said...

This is amazing. I gotta share it with everyone. It's quite a necessary advise. I HAVE to share it with my special someone too hahaha.

Lovin your posts. Good to be back.

And hey, I fixed the link on my blog. It's working now. Do visit it :-)

Daanish said...

probably the word "change" need to be changed.

when people meet and be in each others lives as life partners,I suggest they should strive for personal growth together as friends.

Hailey said...

Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back and we'll talk about it.


Hailey William

Anonymous said...

well.. girls are freaks.. they always want the guys to be at their disposal.. forget it .. you aint that special..

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