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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Enjoy Your BEING !

Here’s a post intended to make people feel generally good about themselves. It’s obvious none of us is happy with our looks. No matter how perfect a certain part of our physical appearance is we still have a lot to desire. Perhaps because our own preferences about ourselves change with age, climate, environment and even the people we meet.

When we are young we are never satisfied with the number of toys and stationery we can get. In teenage we are so damn freaked out with the way our body is changing chubby cheeks sinking in, jawline expanding, nose protruding strangely and physically evident gender discrimination making its way night after night and so on. Beyond teenage we are more towards gadgets video games, small-time cameras, mobiles, laptops etc. till a point comes when we can finally control some of our structure and appearance. That would be as we exit teenage, though teenage girls who just turned sweet 16 are increasingly seen thinking of surgeries to enhance their asset or glorify their complexion. DUH!

So my point was to see the brighter side of everything that you have that is God-gifted and that you cannot possibly change (or have given up trying to). That includes:

  •         A dark skin tone: a darker skin tone has more pigments . This means you are not going to get any type of skin rash, sun tan or even acne . It’s more of a tough skin type. Fair-skinned people have extremely sensitive skin which means even slightly more exposure to skin will result in sun-burn. Yeah yeah I know dark people. complain of skin tan but it goes away as quickly as it comes. You can enjoy yourself for hours on the beach and you would never get burnt. That’s why we never have sun-tan prevention or tan-inducing creams in Asia.
  •       If you have oily skin (which is also pimple-prone) then congrats coz beyond 30 years of age when your friends are going for anti-ageing miracle creams you would not only have reduced acne(cos of slow hormonal action). Your skin would also be the most youthful of all. Those with dry skin can enjoy life so much with just a bit of moisturiser.
  •      Those with curly hair can go anywhere even with oil on the scalp and enjoy great comments. Those with straight hair can get them permed or keep them straight whenever they want to. Nowadays, straightening, perming, dying, extensions everything is IN. So feel blessed you are a part of this advanced era.

  •  If you have small front anatomy (girls I mean) then that means you would not have to worry about them sagging after 40 nor would they result in back pain as is the case with well-endowed ladies.
  •   Girls who are skinny don’t obviously have to be told that they will look smart even after 3 children. Girls who are bulky will have fewer problems in child bearing and also lactation.
  •       If you have don’t have loads of money at least you enjoy every time you get your first salary unlike those who have their own huge business and get heart attacks every time the monthly sales chart dwindle. You are an employee means you  can change company after company but your owner has no choice except to face a bankruptcy if things go wrong with his company. So enjoy being a salaried person 

  •     If you are married at an early age you can enjoy your kids and grandkids while still in urn middle age (like 50s). If you are beyond 30 and still unmarried you know you have matured enough to handle your marital life successfully with a lot less fantasies and expectations than that of a young girl. Trust me you hubby will respect you for that. There will be less of shattered dreams and more of a mature understanding with a taste of its own.
  •    If you are settled in your homeland after marriage then you can enjoy all events, ceremonies, happiness and sad moments with your family and friends. If luck takes you abroad then you can think of all the times you would get a celebrity-like welcome when you touch base. Right na??

So, I hope I have gotten my point across ladies and the not-so-gentle-men :DD Enjoy life in whatever state you are. If it’s so hard then imagine being in the body of Brad Pitt , Nicole Kidman, Marilyn Monroe or Brittany Spears and think of how they felt with popularity, money, their drug addiction, lifeless life and a failure in private life which was present for the world to ridicule. How would it feel if someone ditched you and your sullen pics were all over mags, your cellulite ridden legs were the ‘story of the day’ and your in-habitat ritual was being laughed at as a an attention-seeking tactic??

SeEEeEee!! NobOdy is happy... coZ noBody is Perfect! Enjoy till it lasts!!


Anonymous said...

It's so sweet of you to do a post like this. You're right, we're just not satisfied with whatever we have. Everyday I remind myself why 'I'm fat' but thankfully I haven't started obsessing over it. Lovely post! You always make one think. *hugs*

*Farah Pop* said...

...this was really good to read mash'allah...x x


CATGIRL !! said...

Ms. Nyx...i am a thinktank ..hahaha...i love makign ppl think n change their thinking for teh better..many thanks sweetheart!!

@Farah: thanks dear :-))

Fida Bosu said...

Very inspiring.. be happy with what we have.. be grateful always♥
I'm your new follower ;)
♥Live, Laugh, Love♥

Butterfly... :) said...

Lovely Post! And it really is noble of you to do a post like this. :) You know what even i feel that what you born with is the best you can actually get! :) You look best being your natural self. :) Lovely post! Following you too now! Thanks for dropping by my blog!


CATGIRL !! said...

Thank u for teh lovely comments Fida :-)))

Rv* sharma said...

amazing post! :)
enjoy your being !!<3<3
thanks for your lovely comment! & do follow back! im following you now!
xxx! :)

CATGIRL !! said...

Thanx Ms. Sharma. i m following u now..

Aparna said...

A very inspirational post for ladies who are dissatisfied with their appearance

keep the good work coming!

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