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Sunday, March 7, 2010

THAT SHIP!! (part # 4)

We keep giving of less wanted things. When our partner actually puts his/her foot down demanding from us, we feel he/she is not only being ungrateful to our favours, (s)he has refused to pay us back the way we deserved. We feel challenged to bring about a change in ourselves to please our partners in ways that we don’t feel comfortable with. This gives rise to several questions a person asks when left alone after a heated debate.
Will I always be on the giving end?
Will my partner keep demanding from me if I accept this time and never pay back the favour?
If I am going to Change my tastes, needs, expectations for my soul mate, will I finally change my whole self?
Will I be the same person (s)he initially loved ?
This leads to another barrage of questions towards the past and future of this relationship.
Does (s)he love me at all? If so why does (s)he want me to change ?
Has the love died now and we see each others' true self (initially blurred by the cloud of love) and can’t live together anymore?
Is it time for a break-up? Time to move on?

The only safe answer is  It’s time to think and re-think!!

Not to think of wrapping up, but about the relationship as a whole and how important it is for you. It’s time to list up all the good/bad and extreme things about each other. But it’s also necessary to give TIME to your partner ALONE. Get some space yourself too. Keep safe distance (total cut-off is detrimental and certainly not necessary if you are too attached). It’s time to get your bearings with the world around you, to seek your friends and well-wishers to get a reality check.


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DR KASHIF said...

to keep distance in a way that i does nt show ur attitude rather ur doin smethin better,

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