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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pizza Visa!

Surely a foreign Visa appears to our men just like a pan of pizza- rich, scrumptious-that  makes your stomach full and you happy!! Specifically coming to the eastern side of the globe, the sub-continent infact, the 20-something generation is quickly hopping on to the joy-ride to a foreign country which they spent their entire teenage fantasizing about. Becoming oh-so-frustrated of their country’s under-developed state of affairs resulting from a poor infrastructure,(road, rail networks), water-sewerage problems, load shedding, corruption, population, bad sanitation, illiteracy and other evils so to speak that haunt them continuously. Hence they move abroad in search of greener pastures. Little do they realize that the “grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence”. Green card, green money and a rosy future ahead. Wow! Isn’t that exciting?
Before I start a written massacre of this rosy notion, let me first award a consolation prize to the lonely dreamers left back in the country whose dreams never see the daylight and they are left to doom(according to them) in their backward country forever. If they belong to the lower-middle or lower class their mornings are spent running away from their government schools to eat out or laze around with other bunkers and the entire evening playing ‘dabboo’(snooker type game), card-games, or video games. Eventually they flunk in their final exams every year –each time strengthening their resolution to go abroad to earn. Then there’s an endless series of calls to the ONLY (bechara) uncle abroad who can do something for the Visa of his nephew and find him any job(as low as that of a dish-washer or pump man)- no problem at all. Now this uncle himself went abroad as an illegal immigrant, hasn’t gotten nationality till now and just keeps on showing a thumbs-up to his family about his standard of living to save himself any embarrassment.

Coming to the other end of the social spectrum; the bourgeoisie and the
elites. Well, they have all the money to live a king-size life in the posh localities of the city, but they take it for granted and nothing seems to satiate them which leads to another evolution of mankind into these ‘burger’ wanna-bees. Even after getting educated in the best of English-medium and grammar schools, they still lag behind in studies. The common excuse that they churn out is that their teachers aren’t good enough, the marking is strict, they can’t stand the school rules and they would seriously study only when they go abroad. One wonders how these couch potatoes suddenly start working at their level best once they study abroad in high schools. Had they worked so diligently over here they would have excelled academically, been good in their careers and brought good will to their country’s progress. However they work like asses in any unknown high school abroad, do job in low positions and enjoy the night life while still in their teenage. Once they are professionally settled, they never do look back to settling in their own country, creating a dire brain-drain in their homeland.

Once again I move towards the verbal massacre of a rosy future in the foreign land first dealing with the less-privileged Raju-ban-gaya-gentleman type whose uncle did finally send him the Visa. So the Raju or Pappu (or whatever) ends up as a waiter in a fast-food joint or a hawker, a pump-guy or even a bouncer because Asian males are pretty sturdy (and cheap) for this job. Whichever way n whatever amount he earns, the first money draft that reaches home sends his sister n mother running around trying to find the most beautiful, educated, modern (yet submissive) Bahoo for their handsome prince abroad (ya-ya the same dark, fat, oily-haired guy with a sloppy accent) , rejecting girls on the slightest of pretext. This starts yet another web of lies to portray Pappu as having a grand living and promising a maharani-type life to the parents of the poor girl who gets to see the groom only on the wedding night and becomes yet another commodity that eastern parents sell for green. Ummmm… massacre I said in the beginning? Well that’s quiet a blood shed I created. Can’t help it, truth hurts after all !! Aaaahh..forgive me people :-((((
p.s. oh God...did u see that? all ads i got from google for this post are related to foreign Visa...DUHH!!


Shaan said...

Well Things are not as Out-of-key ,Out-of-tune and Macabre as You've inscribed !

Yea It's true ,Nowadays every educated and hip hopped student ,as it passes the college or is near to it ,dreams of going abroad but they are coerced ..And it's good to migrate to some place if You've got some financial problem or if that place doesnt provide you the desired education ,The qualified one ..!

Hypocrixy starts when They don't come back And stay there -And that's what is gruesome and disgusting !

2ndly Nowadays , What You wrote in your last para doesnt happen ..
yea it sounds good when we read it ..But it has got no reality ..So I completely disagree with the last para ! :)

jnana said...

Lol yeah, alot of people in the East would do anything for a foreign passport. Sucks really.

CATGIRL said...

Shaan. i really think i hit u where it hurts the most, but no offense seriously. i hav SEEN all this, gone thru all this ( thru near n dear ones around me ). ppl. go there NOT to come back. ask all the professionals here 99.9% hav applied for foreign visa and want to settle abroad forever n when did u hear of students coming back after a degree? VERY VERY RARELY ! ask them again n they wud say they wud liek to settle there- if given a chance!
and last para- oh no no no---- that's how some of my relatives made it there some yrs back. nowadays too ppl. go there from villages, or from govt schools. haven't u watched documentaries on foreigners living abroad? and the moms-seeking-bride thing ...let's just say i know it first-hand! ask any girl my age!

CATGIRL said...

Jnana ..oh yeahh temme about it. they LIVE around me !

Muhammad Hamza said...

Nice blog.I d love to follow but I can't see the followers box right now..I'll return back later...

CATGIRL said...

Thanx Hamza...the follower tab is on the top just below my decription..hehehe!!!

HaRy!! said...

well its the biggest scam is'nt it! ppl just use student visas sometime to forge working and as for forging passports, i even heard someone nearby doing that... reminds me of jason bourne!

CATGIRL said...

yup..u r soo damn right Hary. each one of them works on student visa!

Shaan said...

Welll Yea i can feel sarcasm in your comments at its extreme ...
Yea i m myself willing to go abroad and settle there ..But what's wrong with that ?
Who'll prefer living in a country where the Elite society which rules the country is Highly corrupted ..
There Ill face Shows how much "ETERNAL LOVE" is present in their Black Hearts And that seriously Kills Me inside ..

I Love the country ..The Innocent People .. But We can Love the People by living there in abroad ..!

Now I know what will be the next answer from you ..That why dont we do something for our country ...
I have sympathy for Pakistanis ..My country mates .. And I intend to do something really beneficial for them in the future but that can be done outside of the country ..
And I the single person can never do anything ..It's not in our hands ..
It needs Source ,Popularity ,Socialism ,And it's a family gifted ..It comes from ancestors .. !

I just saw a Group talk of Iba students ,The great uni of Pak for Business Admin.
They said they have the degree but they cant find jobs ? ...Now Should they die working as a Peon - A PA ? ..What will they earn ?? -20,000 ? to 50,000 ?HARDLY !

THERE IS NO CHOICE GIRL ! - Being a waiter in abroad is not a matter of Shame ..But it is there in our country .. And that's the reason people feel like running away from such jobs like A Cook ,Peon , Dishwasher etc
But In abroad they respect ..And who earns more there ?? ..A Cook Offcourse ..!

Love and affection got no Boundaries ..We can do that from a distance ..

And yea nowadays people are aware of the circumstances ..They do kinndda research for everything ..
Atleast I've not seen such case Yet !

Sigh !

CATGIRL said...

hmmm.. plz dun mind dear Shaan. i din't mean to offend you. as such this post was written an year ago by me but published now. i do have answers for you, but u r right according to ur own experiences! but just one thing i wud never ever ask anyone to work for this country's betterment to make it worth living. i dun like tall claims or blowing bubbles in air. my philosophy is different!!

Shehroz/Ozzy said...

I would rather be a lonely dreamer than a hypocrtical defector!

Your Blog post is full of harsh truth! I agree with you! But you forgot to mention the middle class who really want to do something as they are neither rich and nor poor. They respect money and education and hardwork.

I am one of those who has seen the life outside and that is why I love pakistan more than ever now. You might remember my blog IDENTITY CRISIS... These people are so desperate for THE GREEN GRASS ACROSS THE FENCE that they forget to see the beauty lying on this side.

Loved this post! Thanks for sharing it!

Shaan said...

Firstly I seriously did not mind for anything here ..Rather i enjoy talks..So stop appologizing Again and Again !

The second thing , I'll be having answers for your upcoming answers :P

So as many minds that many thoughts !

CATGIRL said...

@Shehroze: seriously i saved ur comment in a separate "blog comment" folder in my inbox. i rarely do that -only for extremely A-class comments.
Thanks to u to for touching by !! :-))

@Shaan : i m impressed that unlike teenagers of ur age (even grown up men) u hav not directed our blog-arguments as counter productive.
i always tell fellow blogger that let the comments be objective n NOT to carry them in the way of our li'l networking friendship. i was really expecting a storm. but u served as light drizzle..thanks :_))

Sara.H said...

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Aazar ali shad said...

Even, I have issues with last paragraph. But I liked the Burger wala ;]

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