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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Enlightened City -part #2

The city is changing, adapting, modernising. The City of Lights is giving way to ‘enlightened moderation’. But the people-the youth-is not satisfied. They want more and more of across-the-border, across-the-seven seas culture. The youngsters are quickly forgetting that culture comes out of religion. Religion Does Not follow the cultural school of thought. So the common phrase, “It's happening everywhere, our culture has evolved, society has been upgraded so lets all DO IT !!’- cannot justify circumvention of religious parameters. Period. Our culture, our norms can only justify our religion,but our religion cannot be upgraded or downgraded to suit the same.

Nowadays people have this cliched line to back up all acts of modernism- “Change is the only constant !!”. Well, if that was so then our HOLY BOOK should have changed by now through consensual decision, but everyone knows that even after 1500 years it still applies impeccably to all walks of life,but definitely for those with an insight into after-life; those who understand, not those who want to spend all the good and bad parts in this world and live and die for ‘small pleasures!!”.Small pleasures?? What are they actually? A whole body of underground (figuratively) acts that happen in an Islamic country with all the zeal and fervor, but just behind closed doors. Maybe that’s why people enjoy it more over here. To say that ‘forbidden fruit tastes sweetest’ would be to sum it all up beautifully.

Everything happens in this country; corruption, hoarding, drugs, alcoholism, rape, adultery, murder, incest, molestation,..You name it. And we have every second person associated to one of these in one way or the other.Maybe what the religion teaches is not backward afterall. Maybe it’s of something in the future that we are not able to comprehend. 
Why is it that men and women are asked even to lower their gaze and cover up their gender-discriminating parts? It seems weird doesn’t it?Too conservative?? Suffocating rules?? Right??We do get along well with our sexual counterparts. Not every other person we meet do we fall in love with…..so why all this fuss about? *narrow-minded jerks* !
BUT in the end we all do- fall in love or atleast prone to lust. Looks do matter or appearance or speech, education, intelligence, many things, but the most attractive is just the feeling of being with the opposite sex and that’s why…...That IS why my dear enlightened, broad-minded fellows – Islam warns a man and woman against being alone in a room without any urgent situation at hand. Feelings develop, sparks fly, emotions erupt, desires fire up, and this fire burns away all CONTROL …all inhibitions and is just a glimpse of the fire waiting ahead in the life hereafter..*shudder*.


Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

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Greetings from Italy


Blue Pearl said...

Nice post. I suppose it is not any city in particular that is going through these changes. Generations in particular are changing which is concerning against the Islamic Framework. I suppose to keep Islam meaningful and principled, the change has to start with each other so that grass roots level is maintained for future generations...

Junaid said...

wow.. good post.. loved reading it

Najwa Pervin said...

You've highlighted a very important issue ! All those who believe the Islamic rules are for no reason fail to understand the depth and philosophy behind it !

Bea said...

seriously! i love the way u discuss these issues.. and ya we are forgetting our roots.. they are our essence if we loose them we wont be able to grow

Edward said...

By the time I have finished reading your post, your header is still loading, so please do something about that.

You said "those who understand, not those who want to spend all the good and bad parts in this world and live and die for ‘small pleasures!!”."

Come on girl, get a life, you need to go out and have fun, stop judging every darn thing that ever walks or crawls upon this world, and start LIVING your life. Get one if you dont have one rite now, life that is.

You said "Everything happens in this country; corruption, hoarding, drugs, alcoholism, rape, adultery, murder, incest, molestation,..You name it."

Lol, girl. These things happen in just about every country, I mean EVERY country, in the whole wide world, but it must be news for someone who hasnt even learned to live, and keeps baking herself like an overly done morning bread in the stove of her judgement! My message to you is, stop thinking so much, and for God's sake, leave this society alone.

And if you really want to write about khi, why not write about gansgter parties like MQM/ANP who have been let loose on this city like a bunch of wild dogs, and have turned this city of light into ashes! Believe me, then you would sound more real!

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