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So once again I traverse the deep seas of my innate passion that at times submerges itself beneath a calm n naive facade but is raging n thrashing in the realm of my heart !! And so the mystery of Catgirl unfolds once again to all who are still mesmerized by my perseverance and many more who are yet to be in awe of it !! Catgirl working undercover as a teacher N Blogger henceforth pronounces herself a hard-core feminist !!! A girl out to protect the "woman-cause' in the world of self-loving male; A girl who would do anything she is capable of to restore the image of women which has been tarnished, even in the modern society ! Catgirl Strikes again !!! (my logo since 12 years)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

EGO n MAN !!!

So today  I decide to focus on the original manifesto of my blog- relationships!

This time I would like to delve and dive into the second nature of men-EGO. Yes!!

You may find men who say that they are humble, self-ascertained, respectful beings; who don't like to impose things and even prove so, but how can these 2 words part? Man and his EGO! It’s also true that we women cannot bear a man without his ego , the only solace lies in knowing that he will always have one- it may be submerged, even he may not know about , but it is  there all along.

The FIRST TYPE of men takes the ordinary route of coming down strongly on women, ordering around, shouting, beating, hurting and enjoying it all- most of the modern day women like us have not see such beasts. Thank God!

The SECOND TYPE is one who hides behind “possessiveness” to suffocate women. They would charm you to the hilt during the courtship period –buying you roses, gifts, perfumes, taking you to exotic dates in expensive places and all- and then they want a return. I wouldn’t say it will always be sexual, but at least physical want is their top priority. They want you to give your hand in there, hug, and just go along with the rhythm- with some limits ofcourse. The EGO comes in when you say No to any of their demands. I m still not talking about the physical ones; just that you should ask their permission when going out, meeting your female/male friends, putting up certain pics on your social media accounts, going to the gym, weddings, parties, eating, sleeping, breathing- everything seems to be ‘watched and monitored’ and you feel suffocated. EGO again. That’s not love . That’s bull sh** !! Even if they know that you are trustworthy they would still ask you that why did you go out or talked with your male friends. The same ‘open minded’ person who was sooo persuasive to talk to you, take you out on dates (being a male himself), enjoyed your singing and dancing activities suddenly becomes the typical man who wants to pull your strings and make you a puppet.

Then there’s the THIRD TYPE who would never impose anything on you, enjoying in your glory, your laughter, your sense of humor, your interests, your friends everything!!! The point is they want the same things for themselves- just a bit more OPENLY. You are not INVITED to ask them to cut down the list of their girlfriends, their bad habits, disorganized lifestyle and the likes. Ego comes in when you think they are the best for you and suddenly you get to know that they are not ready to be committed. Their EGO lies in making women fall for their charm, their devil-may-care nature, their flirty attitude and most of all their innocent exclamation of ‘I din’t mean it THAT way’ when every look, word and action of theirs shouted out aloud ‘I m the ONE for you’. As soon as they know that a girl is falling for them, the charm wears out. The satisfaction has been granted and a ‘casual friendship’ attitude prevails. Everything from home worries to finances to not-being-ready to ‘living for a better cause’ comes up and you don’t know why you even got started.

Seriously, No matter how much clever a man thinks himself to be he really doesn’t know. Yes, he doesn’t. It’s his EGO which makes him let go of the most precious people in his life and then his life gets all screwed up again and again. For one little hindrance in life they give up the love of their life and to satisfy their EGO they build up a wall of excuses that they would never climb. Excuses which, in their mind, are respect, self-discipline, family values, and other things. Men have ego as overblown and sensitive as a balloon. The more inflated it is the more near it is to getting burst! And this is what they fear. To avoid a burst- to avoid a blame upon them- they have this wall of excuses that has nothing to do with them, but with people and circumstances that are uncontrollable.

When they know that they would receive rejection, only then their EGO is down. They would do anything to become acceptable. Once they get the ‘acceptance’ the charm wears off again. There’s nothing left. It’s easy for them to say that they ‘never thought of it’ although all the while everything they would do would be dripped in ‘hints’.
They just DON’T accept things.
Accepting their emotional side is also one huge bit of EGO SACRIFICE.
Sometimes it is true. They can have the wildest imagination, but they never imagine anything practical. They would think of  fun-filled rides, dining outs, exotic moments, hiking on mountains, scuba-diving and all but they don’t know who will they do it with and what to do when it all has happened! Thinking about future is just too much for them b/c in future they will have a wife and kids and responsibilities and their EGO will never be nurtured like before. Perhaps, that’s why settling down seems like a NIGHTMARE to them. 
No EGO- no MAN!!


Anonymous said...

you are one misandric and disillusioned individual

Muhammad Wasif Javed said...

Really insightful post, kudos to you for a brilliant write-up and I don't only like your observations on it but agreed to it as well even though I belong to same class [Male] :)
Stay Blessed Always! [Ameen]

CATGIRL !! said...

MSW: I know u cant agree wid such a sexist approach..m all here for positive criticism..n thanx for dropping by...u always do :=))

Muhammad Wasif Javed said...

Didn't get your reply being I've agreed to your post and your response was opposite to it ... [OR perhaps you're replying to someone else]
Stay Blessed Always! [Ameen]

Anonymous said...

No, you obviously don't want "positive" criticism
your posts aren't changing and im pretty sure im not the only one who's pointed out the retardedness in them
if i am then praise be to those who subscribe to this doorag of a blog
you've obviously had some douchebag in your life who might have done some damage
And this is obviously how you're reacting
i bet you're still so desperate to gain his approval you sent him an invite or link to this log
you're so pretentious
try "traversing the deep seas of your innate passion" for something worthwhile for once in your life

CATGIRL !! said...

MSW: Thank u sooooo much for being here..u r a true Gentleman !!

@Anonymous: Thank u soooo much for being here again even though i choose not to reply to u, but u come again n again.... u r THE BEST!

Jack said...


Read current posts. I would submit that it needs two hands to clap. So one on possessive mothers gives what is happening but how about other side of coin? If both understand that relation with one man involved differs for both and they need to accept that. Mother has to let her son settle with his wife while wife should not try to seperate him from mother. As far as dating is concerned, one needs to remember excess of anything is bad, be it liberty or suppression. On this one, seems well researched. However I do hope times are changing for the better in all respects.

Take care

chhipa said...

Another great article. I like that you are very honest and direct to the point.

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Anonymous said...

im not the same person as before

Lady In Red said...

@Muhammad Wasif Javed: Insightful!!! Dont be such a pussy whip, hunkie. This girl, whoever she is, is apparently retarded.

@Catgirl: You need to get laid girl, and big time. Your mama needs to buy a man for her f***ked up daughter, and pretty soon.

Anonymous said...

I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post."

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CATGIRL !! said...

@Thanks JACK..am mazed to see dat u were around all teh time :-)))

@Anonymous: whoever u r ....welcome!

@Lady in red: Am soo grateful to u that u think dat a retarded girl like me needs to be laid... Looks like u cudnt take ur "cherry popping" easily n ended up being RED in blood!
M much stronger than u ...so no man ever dared cross my path!! HUH!!!

Lady In Red said...

@CatGirl: Correction: Not 'needs to be laid' but 'needs to get laid'. The difference is crucial, hon, believe me.

Dont worry, as u will get to learn the 'ropes', you will get better at it.

cherry popping!!! U even know what that means.
U r improving already ;)

You said, "no man ever dared cross my path".
Well, may be that's what the problem has been all along. May be men think you dont have much of a cherry to be popped!

CATGIRL !! said...

@Lady in RED: be or get laid...WAT-EVAA! u can go ahead wid the grammar correction n end up bloody red ...y shud i care!

i just know k yahan CHUTIAPAY ki batain kernay k liay GUTS chahiyyay hotay hain..jo tujh main hain naheen samnay anay k liay (to spill fuckin' things here u need guts n u dun hav them to reveal urself).....

go n look for SISSY GIRLS late nite who can make sure u dun get bloodied and then spread it on other people's comment form !

...Men hav bored me already n i dont want UR CHERRY on dat sticky cake! *Yawwwwnnn *

CATGIRL !! said...

REAL MAN..DO they really exist? or tujhay urdu language samajh agayee tau tu he apnay BANDON main say koi la day...kafi ghoom phir ker Mother bunee hogi na ??

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