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Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Soulmate

i dunno. it just struck me some moments ago. how wud it be if i get a Muslim-convert as a soulmate? wudnt it be just great!! A man who wud be (almost) on his way to heavens on this earth. Life wud be an exploration of the 'higher kind' wid him. Instead of climbing mountains, going on bike rides, swimming into deepest oceans we wud be exploring Islam n making sure our life hereafter wud be full of bountiful adventures... (though i wudnt mind enjoying my life on earth wid him as well ;-)... I hav found many Muslim convert girls on blog but very rarely a guy. Maybe he can be a fair skinned American, European- tall n lanky wid a hard-core accent..woww !! n we wud both sit on sultry noons n breezy nights sharing how we prayed for each other from afar.... n how good wud it be to introduce him to my family... my grandpa was a Muslim convert so i wud love to hav another one ;-))
I think it wud kill any girl's "girly wits" to admit in open about her life partner n i too would be too embarassed to ever do that , but to ask for a man in a way which has been PREFERRED MOST by Islam i.e. a religiously stable (pious) man...MashALLAH....is it too much?
I hope my dream comes true :-))


H.G. said...

Insha Allah your dream will come true... Have faith... Allah listens... He always does... :-)


H.G. said...

Insha Allah your dream will come true... Have faith... Allah listens... He always does... :-)


Anonymous said...

Hope you find your soulmate. It feels good to know that you are putting your faith in His hands for finding you the perfect person.

Mishi said...

I wish you find what you wish for.ameen:-)

xyzandme said...

Your soulmate comes with conditions applied.

One question, why does he have to be a muslim convert?

Shady said...

Amen , May the Cat Gal find that "Bagad Billa" i.e. wild male cat

sulagna ™ said...

m sure you will find your soulmate, he alone will make you feel like you are in heaven. When God created Love, He wanted us to feel His Goodness, thats the power of true love.

Maham said...

I wish u good luck with this thought of yours but be careful cos most often the newly converts fail to thrive in this culture of ours and retreat..

Nivedita said...

Hi, I passed and award to you, please check it out

Bessy said...

awwwww. that is really nice. had i been a man, i would have been what you're looking for. but no. haha. :p but yes... i really don't care much about wordly pleasures so long as he fears and loves Allaah the most. :)

the other side of me said...

Tall and lanky with a hard core accent..wow..makes me to dream tooo..insya Allah,you will find him soon..All the best :)

Tanvi said...

Your dream would come true :) :) Nice blog :)



i wish you find one who will make this earth heaven for you....:))

best wishes,

Quynn said...

hey girl! thanks for coming by, great blog! my bf is a Muslim as well -- perfection :)

don't forget to follow ;)


Aneebaba said...

Awww, ma'sha'allah, yes, like everyone else has said, may Allah Grant you all that you wish with your sincere heart! Ameen!

It is a great thought though - to meet/marry a convert - they are such strong Muslims, in some cases having given up their families or at least sacrificed much.

That's so cool that your grandfather was a convert. I've been fortunate to be acquainted with a convert sister here in my state (previously an Atheist), have seen her find a Muslim husband and have a child with him (prev child with her bf before conversion) and been able to hear about her experiences, as well as share thoughts on the fast-changing world, especially the events that have affected us as Muslims here in the US and around the world of course (her husband is Egyptian).

You deserve the best Sis! Will be saying lots of du'a for you!

PS One exam left til med school is done - June was kind to me or rather Allah (swt) was and passed two exams in that month, but should have been done by now, but just one old exam that I couldn't quite get through, so insha'allah, in September, will head back to Prague to take care of that and then be back here in the US shortly thereafter.

CATGIRL !! said...

Thank u everyoen for ur kind wishes widout even knowing me :-)

Aneebaba..ur comments made my day ..where hav u been bro? i hope u fare well in ur exams...Ameen

Muhammad Israr said...

ah...wish you best of luck for your soulmate search :P

Aneebaba said...

Aww, you're welcome. Yeah, I had exams in June, a really big one on June 28. Alhamdulillah it went alright and I returned home to the US the following day. I had your blogs on my reading list, so finally got around to it.

Unfortunately (for you, lol) I probably will be disappearing from Blogger, as med school ends and the next bigger steps (American board exams) loom in front of me. Do keep me in your du'a, as I will do the same.

Much love and respect, as always,
Br. Anees

Oldfox004 said...

Have faith in the divine!

have a look here - http://oldfox004.blogspot.com/2011/07/of-coffee-connoisseurs-and-chai.html

P.S. i am ur follower now...n will click on the google ads whenever i can :P

CATGIRL !! said...

Israr: Thank u so much

Anees brother: i hope u do well in all ur educational n life-term exams :-)) Ameen.

@Fox girl: Awww...the 'click' word made my day ;-)

Pandora`s Box said...

I had the same wish as you for quite sometime until I fell in love :) Well sistah my advice will be to quit wishing and start acting. You will not stumble upon a Muslim revert just like that. Here in Pakistan they are a rare breed. So go join some forums or check the Muslim marriage sites and go live my dream lol

Shruti said...

Wish you all the best.. Hope you get what you wish for :)

Following You now Girl! ready to dip into the emotional Lava. ha ha

Jack said...


Best of luck. May God fulfill your wish.

Take care

ovais said...

I know many converts.
Advantages of living in America.

Just go there and you'll find many your own age :)

CATGIRL !! said...

Thank u Jack n Ovais :-))

Fakhra's said...


Keep the spirit hight, Allah bless you with his all blessing.

One more thing, Your true spirit and strong Faith always give your the EXACT result whatever you want.. (positive or negative)

whatever you put in the jar you always get the same..
so as i feel you are a true person, than definately you deserve the pure and true life. InshAllah.

love :)

ME... said...

thats so cool how you want something so meaning ful!!!

i hope it comes true INshallah!!!

good luck

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