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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BEWARE !! It's a RANT!!!

Acha jee a lot has been going on in my mind lately though it’s not of importance to anyone, but if u can’t share ur innermost troubles on the blog then wat’s the blogger forum for? I guess most of us resort to blogger for pouring out feelings that we CANNOT make known as Facebook statuses. Right na? U may write  on FB “GOD! Some friends just get on ur nerves” . Anyone who asks u on Fb u may reply “oh, it’s Ok, the prob got solved :PPP” while ur blogger post will carry a detailed account of who u got known for backbiting about you . Hayna?

Anyways today I wanna tell u how I wanna organize my house n y do I keep screaming n murmuring phrases of dislike every second to all members of the family. DISORDER AND EXCESS both make me MAD. Like totally mad. I m a Virgo by birth and at heart. I wish if I had gotten married- dat I had a small, simply decorated house, one which gathers less dust, where there’s just one set of crockery n cutlery, very little or no show pieces, sofa covers dat r washable, no movie collection ( like my bro has at home n which consumes 3 TROLLEYS…YES , plus a cupboard shelf ),  n there would be less cupboards, no empty boxes, no piles n piles of clothes n where my better half would also agree wid me in giving away used clothes as soon as we buy new ones. Phew,,,dusn’t all this look like crap to u ? yaar kya keroon.. I AM LIKE THIS! Very very organized, when I used to watch the ‘ housewife’ type program on BBC LIFESTYLE – where a women goes in houses and organizes competition b/w housewives for clearing up and organizing junk at home, I just used to love it. The thing that is MOST IRKSOME for me is the attachment ppl. Hav wid OLD THINGS. It’s ok to hav ONE PASSION but collecting all magazines, movies, bottles, books, dumbbells and every other thing  dats old n worn out so much so  that there seems a need to hav a separate room  for it is sooo bad.
I seriously know most guys wud feel it’s a rant from a 40 yr old housewife or their own mother. Y do guys like to accumulate junk? Yaar kya masla hay apni T –shirt ya old jeans kisi ghareeb ko daynay main ??(wats the prob in giving away ur worn out jeans to a needy fellow??). I m also amazed at the passion or cosmetics n crockery dat women hav … TOBA! It never ends n then u need drawers and cabinets n show cases to stack/stash them all in.

That was about disorder and I m desperately trying to organize (and throw away unnecessary things from)  my house. This means BIG TIEM trouble as every one who comes back home strats yelling at me when they find their drawers n desks free of clutter and no one thanks me ever except after an year or so when they feel the need for sumthing dat I threw away ages ago they say” dekha ..iss waqt who cheez hoti tau kitna kaam ate”..oh yeah then go n pile up all the things in the world n sit on it !!
This is how i look these days *meowww*
N the second thing I mentioned above I HATE SPENDING IN EXCESS. Buying expensive items, branded stuff, dying n drooling after  that one MAKEUP ITEM, bag, gadget- which is not a necessity at all- makes me SICK.
I also hate these fashion lawn exhibitions, just went there once to chk it out, all expensive stuff which I wud NEVER EVER buy. Why shud I go after some Sana, Zubaida n Sara when  I hav my own mind ?? I mean seriously just b/c sum rich kid got herself a designer course n her father brought her a shop in park towers dusn’t mean I wud spend a fortune on buying their clothes nor dus it guarantee BEST MATERIAL as all is made in Pakistan already. Plus women who die on those modeled outfits wid embroidery, lace, n all yucky designs well,i use ur mind n create ur own instead of buying a hilariously expensive 5k suit. I mean 5-10k ! someone earns like 25k these days n u think of burning it all up in 3-4 dress pieces? Dat’s outrageous!

Brand is something unbeknownst to me. I don’t own a single branded cloth, shoe, jewelry or expensive make-up (except where my skin gave me problem). Women shud learn to differentiate b/w NEED n WANT! You NEED a good foundation if u hav breakout problem, but if u use a compact, loose powder, bronzer, cream/watery/powdery foundation of 3 different brands then that's a WANT! and that goes for boys n their expensive watches n shoes too!

Ah. M burning inside. Ranting it out just ignited me more so m all geared up to roll my sleeves n take to cleaning my 2-story house of  7 members!! CATGIRL wants u to wish her luck till she gets everything PURR-FECT!! *lifts her tail n wags it ----angrily, slowly, determinedly*


Kim, USA said...

Go girl I am with you!!! I just put 95% of our cups to a box and throw it away or donate it, why do we have more than 30 cups when there is only two of us here in the house, why? I am with you though I am Aries but I can't stand so much stuff around makes me explode, there you go!!! Hahaha! Happy Wednesday!

Mishi said...

Welcome back Sweetheart:-)

I totally understand your pain..extra stuff with emotional attachment is an issue in our place too....and trust me I really know how frustrated it leaves those who are unattached to that unwanted stuff!!!

and its not ranting..I found it kinda cute..you will have a house of your own inshALLAH..and you will have a very understanding hubby InshALLAH..

and yes I wish CatGirl best of luck:-)

Muhammad Israr said...

yes i think blog is used to pour your heart out and express whatever you want to...no limit of space and no limit of topics and no limits on what so ever so :)

Aasiyah said...

We have the same principles girl. I have clothes and if people dont like it, they better buy me one or they should just shut up. How can one be so lavish about things when people have barely anything to keep them alive in the next 12 hours or so? Uff. Insensitivity at its finest. Less clutter, no fuss. Loved this post. :)

Fakhra's said...

5 months before i was facing the same problem, and i give warning to my sister (and her lovely cleaning agent) to clear house, otherwise, i will throw out all stuff without informing them..... and u know it works ;)

CATGIRL !! said...

Kim: Thank u for ur encouragement. i m AT IT now.
@Mishi: u always miss me when i m MIA... it makes me feel blessed to hav a friend like u
@iSRAR: yes..u r right. blog is a secret chamber of vent and rant!

@Aasiyah: m soo glad to hav alike-minded person on my blog...love ya dear !!

@Fakhra: ah> i wanna know who the 'lovely cleaning agent' is ;-))

Aasiyah said...

Love ya too. <3

Chintan Gupta said...

aaarghh!! I am so totally OCD freak and high on hygiene creep all the time >:< I feel like cleaning the house once I am done with the cleaning and I so totally want to throw all the clothes and buy news ones :'(

Sigh, out of work these days so can not even afford that, I am even wearing a torn chaddi right now /pun of course/

And this is how I look like these days :D


Chintu Singh

♥●• İzdiher •●♥ said...

You are very organize .I love it so much but chill also ,gal :).

Shruti said...

You Go girl, take it all out! It's okay to rant to get your thing done and some times.. it doesn't take us anywhere but we come out feeling SO good. right?
I have always had issues with dis organized room mates, annoying colleagues etc etc.. I wish I could say it on their faces. Give me lessons! :-D

P S You have a surprise on my blog :)

Jack said...


Read 2 posts now. Thanks for naming me to bring you back. In relationship, which I will name love, one should accept other as he or she is without trying to change him or her but at the same time to make efforts to overcome own such habits which are not liked by partner. That shows how much one cares for partner. It is good to get rid of old things but I love to keep all old books, novels mainly and awards as well as photographs but apart from that it is advisable to get rid of clutter - of mind also. Sorry to know you had some difficulty but one has to accept life as it is. If you feel comfortable, do write to me. My id is in my profile. It is upto you entirely.

Take care

sunny said...

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Jack said...



Take care

PS : Wish I could send an e-card!

sanaahamed said...

That's an interesting article! I'll keep reading your website. Added to it to my favorites bookmarks. Greetings.

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