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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Power of NO

Seriously I mean wat do some people think when they want to ask you for a favour and then it goes on like forever? I m sure most girls would agree with me when it comes to the so-called ‘sharing’ of things between female friends esp the best buddies. At some point in time you feel your possessions are being taken over then the exchange being a 50-50 situation. You feel you are buying more goodies and giving them up in the name of friendly charity rather than getting to use some from your other friend. Khair this never happened to me except in cases when I had to drop off friends with no reciprocation for me. Hello!! I hate being taken for granted.

One of my friends (when she entered professional life and earned a handsome paycheck)  went to the extent of saying IN MY CAR that I can’t afford to give my friends a treat at an expensive restaurant with my teacher’s income. Oh Hello? I was the one who used to drop u off every damn day when u used to come by a bus and thinking of treat I really would NOT WANT TO treat u to a decent location cz even that very day I PAID for the treat!! And btw I earn for fun not to feed my family AlhumduLILLAH. Anyways after dat day I cut contact with her only to receive her call after like 2 yrs when I openly related my grievances to her. I m nto someone who lies low on her revenge esp when it involves using my tongue as a weapon!
So NO m not impressed with ur Moolah if u want me bak u hav to be the same ol’ pal with me!

Then in my professional life there was a certain teacher who used to get on my nerves giving me friendly advice on how to wear my clothes, where to get them stitched from, even how to wear my hair. Excuse me!! I go there to teach students not for a fashion parade like her. Finally one day in an venom-spitting teary outburst I told her to knock off and not to get on my nerves. I was flabbergasted when she actually came up to me and apologized with the ever-so-misused line of I thought of u like my li’l sis ! DUH ! as if I ever craved for a sis!! I m an only daughter n I love the power of running my kingdom all by myself!
In the same org . my head once asked me to erase a day’s diary from the board of all classes I took dat very day and this too just 5 minutes before the school was to over and I was AGHAST. I said m NOT gonna agree to dat silly request threw the pen I had on her table and sat down in another angry outburst yah yeah tears n all and DID NOT DO IT !
So NO I m not going to be PUSHED even if u r professionally higher up than me

The expression on my face when my maid asked me!!
Then there are people who ask for favours in the name of being your poor domestic servants. Can u imagine my Masi sees betelnut wrappers when dusting and asks me to give her one too!!  And the hair color, shampoo, cold creams, I use!!  One day she eve n asked me ‘aap nay merya liay pink wali lippisstick laker daynee hai Eid k liay’ ( u hav to buy me a pink lipstick for the event) –I was like I can only give u the one I don’t use anymore otherwise buy it!
Yesterday of all the things she saw my hair straightener (oh how much I had alarm bells in my mind not to lay it in plain sight) and asked me to straighten her hair for a  Christmas rehearsal.  I was working on the lappy at dat time n she was snooping around  *pulls hair* I had to tell her curtly ‘ I cannot straighten ur hair cz I dun do it even for my friends. I can give u money for waxing me n u can get it done from parlour’. U know wat? She even knew of hair straightening lotion n said  ‘I dun go to parlours. They cut my hair never to grow again by using weird scissors’ .*imagine* i said ‘no dun talk rubbish. I dun care. M not gonna do it!”

So NO again for using/misusing me sweetly to your advantage.

And finally I removed a fast friend my fb list when she sed I look weird with permed hair. Excuse me? Either comment or don’t . You know I love permed hair. When I made that point clear to her she asked me to F*** off. (what the hell !!) Nobody uses profane words with ME..not even my best friends! I cut contact with her obviously-not a word exchanged- and ofcourse she returned after a few weeks in a sweet self I never saw before.

SO NO, NO, NO to Abusive language, Push-overs, Innocent pestering and Yes I m old-fashioned and khiski huee *mental and sentimental*
.........I DUN CARE ! FINITO !!


Anonymous said...

LMAO! You had me laughing gurrrlll! I empathize with you on the Aunt. Got tonnes back home. Even uncles who take the mobile and go directly to inbox and ask for favors that ruin half my day. Hehehe

Jack said...


Read 3 pending posts now. If one loves a girl, she is always beautiful in his eyes. What you say about meeting between prospective couple is a need of the hour. We had let our daughter meet her would be in a Coffee Home and talk to each other without our or his parents overlooking. After almost 45 minutes of talking to each other they both consented. We also asked our son to meet his would be and had told her that she too has full right to say No and they too after spending an hour or so without anyone monitoring agreed. That is the way it should be. What you say in this post is very relevant and one needs to follow it for own self respect also.

Take care

Enigma Quin said...

Nice blog, and I like NO too.

Mishi said...

hello saheeli:-)

haha well I agree with every word of it!there certainly are people who ask for favors and use them as if we were born for their service!
well written:-)

Tauqeer said...

Bilkul sahi baat hai.

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