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Friday, July 12, 2013

GOLD is OLD !!

I don't know what’s the problem with the Easter mindset. Why are they so stuck to Gold as the most prized possession throughout their lives and for generations to come. In films, dramas, and real lives u keep hearing these phrases

Husband to wife:  Main apni bike baich dunga jub tak job nhe milti. Lekin tum apni mangni ka locket mut baichna”

Male child to mother: Amma main perhai k baad extra tuition day lunga per tum apna zewar mut baichna.

Mother to girl child:  “main logon k kepray silai kerk teray liay kuch jama ker lungi ,,, baki meri shadi ka zewar hay who tujhay dungi nishani main”

Oh yaar lets see it objectively in a different perspective.

Case 1: Bhai if your wife sells her locket you both can travel on bike, find a job , even buy a car AND make better jewellery later.

Case 2: if the mother sells off her gold, her son will have less to worry after those tiring university classes.  Even if he does a part-time job it will add to savings, on the other hand your gold just sits in the cupboard, while you toil and twist.

Case 3: Maa jee why are you working your old ,cramped bones and those God-gifted eyes to stitch clothes while you can sell off those sparkling pieces, invest in some business and make even better JAHEZ for ur daughter without spreading hands in front of anyone.

 I mean what's the EMO thingie with gold. A lot of things are traded on engagements, weddings , birth celebrations, but out of these only GOLD is kept as NISHANI (oh GOD why) . Why can't we keep some clothes or pics or some artificial piece. Afterall it is about reminiscence right?

What good does a piece or set of metal lend to your life other than hanging around your neck (or ear)  after making YOU work your bones and nerves to breaking point? Those tears associated with gold sets being given away, the 'ehsaan' part of trading gold for something, making it all a BIG deal and momentous human (read womanly) sacrifice?

 Array yaar invest in something worthwhile, get your own roof above your head by investing against gold and enjoy your old age with constant investment return instead of watching your daughters and Bahoos wear it and thinking of moving u out of the house sinceyo u have nothing of your own ?

Moral : Gold is Old my womenfolks. Be proud to trade it for your hubby’s job or son’s education or even installments for your new home. You can make a lot more gold anytime in life, but the chance of investment knocks once only. *adios*

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