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Friday, July 2, 2010

Desi Tarrka ;-)

Oh well.. I don’t get it. Why should I burn incense at the family altar esp. on those branches that have sought abode in a foreign land?  I just CANNOT create fuss over whoever comes from abroad to visit us “desi relatives”. When someone drops by from within Pakistan, they call and inform and come over. But with foreign people, everyone is out to call them when they come here –only to know they are sleeping ‘coz of jet lag. Then inviting them over accommodating your schedule to their ease? Why? Why do rules get broken for people who come from a foreign land? The whole week in your house is spent with your mom finding  gifts to give away and planning out dishes, recipes, sleepover arrangements, making sure the A.C. is working fine… blah blah ! “Oho. Unkay bachay Qourma naheen kha saktay. It’s too oily. Let’s make spaghetti for the li’l ones!”, “ Array..they don’t like kheer. Let’s have 2 flavors of ice-cream. Dunno what will be the elder’s choice !” DUHHH!!
And on top of all our TAYYARI , these foreign Pakis come to pour a soggy bag. “God! There’s was so much traffic and pollution. It’s so hot in here we don’t even turn on the fans in America. How do u guys live in this country?”(fanning themselves with the just-adorned dupatta)
“You know there was a bearded fellow with a cap and he stopped our car to ask for directions. All the time we were looking at his jacket. God forbid if the Mullah had a gun in it. Talibans are all around you know !”
“Which Aunty Aneesa you r talking about? Oh. She lived next to our house? Ummm… maybe I was just a baby when we settled abroad. So I don’t remember.” (try reminding that girl that she actually broke the dolls of Aneesa Aunty’s daughter and was mostly found in her house). 
Then all aunties and cousins in the family suddenly change their stance of not meeting each other and are ready to out do each other in trying to please the ‘baher walay rishtaydaar”. There are no more any tiring office work,  kids’ exams, hectic schedules, busy life etc. – nothing at all -that can prevent them from calling, arranging visits and pleading the family to stay at their house.
And God forbid if they have to attend a wedding with their grown up kids. Even if you are a stranger, just look around for 2 separate clusters in the hall. One of ogling guys hovering above their Maxi-adorned daughter and the other of Paki girls giggling with their fair, blonde son.  The girl will not even be half interested, looking at the spineless creatures around her with a tilted smirk residing her face. She would be telling them it’s difficult for them to get a Visa and support their studies abroad without working hard- saying in her mind , * Oh. No no no. Am not gonna support you abroad. So forget about marrying me for that purpose* ! Their son however is busy feeding the honey-chicky bees around him with his exaggerated stories of what a cool, gothic musician and college drop-out he is. And then they exchange hotmail ids. After one chat, all girl cousins are out to kill each other with jealousy over how much SHE knows him and his choices- eating, sleeping, blabbering habits - -- BLEARGH!!

What? Why are you looking at me like this? You wanted to get engaged too NA? But your cousin who went back to the foreign land (after spending 2 days at your home too), just asked you on Facebook, "Oh what was your name again? Were you wearing blue at the wedding?"  
----------------------------------The End--------------------------------------
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Tauqeer said...

lol somewhat true

Syeda Zehra said...

Ha ha ha..
Yeah but doesn't only stand for girls but for guys too.I do remember the attention I got when I came here.
I think it's our own sense of inferiority complexion that makes us feel that we must get impressed with any thing or anyone linked with the west.

On a side note,I must say you left out a thing in this amazing post of yours that the "western Pakistani's" brag alot too.Most of them aren't more than Cab drivers or Dishwashers there but they boast of running a business there..'cause who know..:P
BTY,Superb post.!
Best of all the previous post..
keep it up...!
(I loved the last line,It made be laugh till I got tears in my eyes)

Mere Drizzle said...

:D lol
Really awEsome pOst.. nd ofcOurse so truE.. jUst lOved da lst lyn! WD

CATGIRL said...

@Tauqeer : thanks jee !

@ZEHRA: i must say this was also one of the most admirable and memorable comments i ever got. it made me inflate all over !! heheheh !!
p.s. and about what i missed.. yaaar. i hav mentioned those points manyyy times to my friends. and also touched it in a serious manner in my other post long ago. see it if u hav time.. "MONEY FOR THOUGHT "!


@Drizzle : what a sprinkle of fresh water ur comments proved on my soul in this heat .. thanks !! :-)))

Zain Ahmed said...

Very True, i hate those people who move abroad and when they return they say " how can u even breathe here? " WTH, stay there, why do you even bother to come here and if u do come back, dont criticize your own country!

Zee said...

okay i kind of disagree just a little bit. The fact that people here adjust their schedules to meet the relatives that have come from abroad is just very sweet and hospitable. Nothing wrong with it. But yes i so hate that attitude where they act like " how can u even breathe here? " and stuff...

Anonymous said...

I liked Desi Tarrka :)

CATGIRL said...

@Fa.. thank u so much? how may i proceed to appreciate u now? u aren't even a follower here :-((

AlabasterMuslim said...

hahah omg this is so funny...I've always heard stories about what its like visiting Pakistan, but its so great to hear the side of someone who lives in Pakistan and receives the guest!! You are a great writer!!!

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

Thanks for coming to my blog. I love this post. Its true we always hear from people on this side and how they open up their homes to people from the old country, lol but we never get to hear from the other side. Do you mind if they marry foreigners and then they complain? Just wondering because I'm guilty of that since I experienced so much culture shock in dh's country. By the way my son-in-law is Pakistani. He left when he was 6...wonder how he'd be if he went back with my daughter and granddaughter.

CATGIRL said...

oh ur son-in-law n ur daughter n grand daughter will be showered with 'exaggerated' affection here- only if the marriage was done by his parents' consent ! otherwise ur daughter will only seek trouble by landing here. she will be terribly scrutinized ! (sorry to be blunt!)

C said...

lol no worries...it was an 'arranged marriage' not a 'love' marriage. His parents called to ask about our daughter. :)

ABDULLAH said...


Shaan said...

This is a really good Post ...I Liked it ..!
I wanted to comment over but your footer is kinndda messed up with alotta things so didnt find the comment Box ..!

This is a reality i must say ..
And i wonder why we people are so conscious about the "Baahir waake cousins" etc ..

They are so annoying but we dont dare to speak a word infront of them that goes harsh ..
That's so not fair ..
But This Post is really gonna help me come out of this Trauma :_)

Btw read my Blog ..OMG again and again i need to ask you to read my post ..because i sometimes need people with good perspection to judge whether how my posts Look and sound like ..
here's the link

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